Carp, Pike or Trout angler, we all have a magical place where our fishing takes us back to our own childhood exuberance. It’s interesting to read the words that anglers use when speaking of such places.  My research has shown me that, for many anglers, fishing is a kind of modern day nature religion.  This  little piece by Matt Roche demonstrated the heart of a man who has a passion. Not only for fishing, but for the world natural around him!

A would love to be one of those anglers who could not care less about weight but I am not quite there yet. It still matters to me if a perch is 2lbs rather than 1lb 15oz or if carp and pike are 19 or 20lbs. However, let me tell you about a little water where I have made a bit of progress in finding a cure for my weight obsession.

The water in question is a truly intimate club water of about two acres I would guess, with endless nooks and crannies, a couple of little bays, a cut-through between sections of the lake overhanging trees and bushes – in fact, an almost endless supply of features. It is almost as if the carp themselves were the architects of their own environment. Best of all, the whole lake is surrounded by some really old gnarly trees and dense woodland on one side. You can truly lose yourself here in a world of browns and greens of every hue. It has a real old English feel and I have come to know this place as ‘The Ancient Pond’.

Old Warriors

The carp that inhabit this pool, seem to me, to be imbued with elements of both the above and below water surroundings. They look old and have either a kind of faded beauty or a flawless freshness like the spring flowers that cascade out from all the wooded areas. They are also tricky as if time has taught them many a harsh lesson about hooks and line. But after a few fishless trips, I found them to be catchable and what prizes they all were. Not huge but this was more than made up for by their character and pedigree.

Land of the Hunter

This is a water for the stalker, a hunter and a six-foot rod coupled with a centrepin. Most of the carp are at their most confident when feet from the bank. A water for polarised sunglasses, for tree climbing, for crouching behind bushes and hours of glorious sneaking about and best of all a water for floaters. In all my time there, from Spring to late Autumn, the carp tend to look up when they are hungry.

I generally get it to myself. The fish do not like the racket of other anglers and melt away somewhere. Spods and big leads seem out of place here. I almost wish I had a creel and a cane rod. Other anglers seem out of place here too. After all, this is my slice of heaven, not theirs!

As well as a skilled angler, Matt Roche is also a member of our Fishamo facebook group and a keen mentor who is willing to help his fellow anglers in any way that he can!

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