A Lockdown Legend is Born – Jordan Jenkinson

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Behind every angler there is an angling origin story.  Here A Lockdown Legend is Born in the form of our own Jordan Jenkinson (2nd in this years #LockdownLegends) who fondly remembers his early days as a child angler, perhaps the fish on the board inspired Jordan s photography and lead him to come second in Lockdown Legends…. Now, that’s fate!

My fishing story

When I was very young, around the age of 4. I stayed over at my grandparent’s house every weekend. On the way there my grandmother would walk us down the urban part of the river to feed the swans. On the side of the railing was a big board showing all the course fish in the river. Everything, from chub and perch to the microspecies, bullhead and stone loach and, finally, my favourite, the monstrous pike! I was fascinated by this bored and it was a fond staple of my childhood memories. Sadly, this board has been removed since but for weeks after I was obsessed with these fish.

Now, my dad wasn’t really an angler as such. He never was really into the sport. But seeing people fishing and pulling out the fish that were painted on the board really got my attention. So, after weeks of talking about these fish, my dad decided to take me to the river to catch them. We went to the local tackle shop and bought a cheap rod and reel combo and a pint of maggots. Since I was really young, I can’t remember the full trip, but I do remember the moment the float went under. And I was presented with my first ever fish, a perch!

This is where my addiction began. Over the years I have improved and caught way bigger perch and many other species. But that perch is one of the most important catches of my life and will always hold a place in my heart as one of my greatest fishing experiences.

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Andy Wedgbury

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