Lockdown Legends 2020

Over the centuries, anglers, along with the rest of the general public have faced many hardships. We have fished through each of them. But, in March 2020, angling along with the rest of the world, faced a new kind of threat in the form of COVID-19.  A disease that prompted the Prime Minister to put the whole country into lockdown. This involved stopping all unnecessary travel.  Effectively, placing a temporary ban on angling. Fishamo found a way!

Many anglers mourned the loss of their pastime and suffered from the drastic changes to their lifestyles. Andy Wedgbury came up with an idea and a small group of anglers decided that they would celebrate their sport through competing with memories of past glories and achievements. Using an active Facebook Group and a quickly hobbled together set of rules, ‘Lockdown Legends’ was born. Anglers shared photos of their past catches and voted on the best one in a daily competition. This led ultimately to finding the first Lockdown Legend! An unexpected outcome of what was initially intended to be a little fun for dedicated anglers was the birth of a vibrant, active community. The community bought anglers and even some casual spectators together for a common cause!

It made sense to plan an annual ‘Lockdown Legends’ competition in memory of this first success. It also made sense to continue to grow the community with other competitions and, ultimately, this blog!  Out of the chaos of the lockdown, a new angling culture has begun to emerge. A culture of friendship and friendly competition facilitated by social media.

This growing blog is a result of the first ‘Lockdown Legends’ and the ensuing great friendships and desire to help fellow anglers that came from it! Fishamo, itself is a small business which has, at its core, a passion for the future of angling within the UK and around the world! Join our Facebook page where you can participate in our vibrant community of anglers, take part in friendly competition and enjoy your fishing even if you cant get out!