How is your season starting?

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Matt Roche has got his river season of to a great start and sent us this quick report!  How is YOUR river season going?  Feel free to tell us in the comments or, if you have something more to tell us we are always happy to have new articles submitted, why not start off your Blogging career with

Matt Roch:~

For no reason I can quite put my finger on, I was even keener to get back on the rivers this year. I can’t find the time for long stint fishing with a 1yr old but rivers often offer instant action and lots of variety if you are prepared to work at of course! The day started at 4 am as I had to go to work for 8.30 more than enough time to catch a few. I wanted to fish with lures mostly and switch to bread if the swim dictated or my ‘Ned’ rigs were unproductive. I need not have worried as my first cast produced a perch and two casts later a chub. On a small river, 10 minutes is generally the maximum time I will fish, so I moved on quickly. Two further spots produced nothing but a third produced my first ‘proper’ chub of the day to a piece of flake cast a long way upstream to a spot I couldn’t have fished any other way.

A started to find more chub as I moved but the three-month break hadn’t dulled their caution and I had to work hard for two further fish. One on the ‘Ned’ and one on a piece of floating crust (probably the most exciting method of all). The next bite left me in no doubt I was connected to a double-figure pike which, after destroying a weed bed or two, I managed to net. I would never recommend targeting pike on ultra-light gear when they happen to come along it is brilliant fun! There was time for a quick cast under a bridge on my way back to the car and this produced an incredibly acrobatic wild brown trout again to the lure. It was a lovely start!

I crowbarred another couple of hours in after work, on a different small river, which produced more chub on bread and a couple on small plugs. However, the highlight in retrospect was finding a new spot allowing me access to a small bridge which held a big group of chub in its shady arches. This spot involved a really tight squeeze between a fence post and the stonework of the bridge. I caught a couple and went to go back through the gap but for some reason, the angle from which I now had to approach meant I just did not fit anymore. Try as I might I could not get through and there was no other obvious exit point. In the end, I just had to go for it. Halfway through I thought I might be stuck but in the end,  I clearly moved the bridge (!!) and got through with a slightly scraped chest and very dented pride. I was out again this morning (17th) for more chub and a clonking dace. Happy river season everyone!

What have YOU been doing so far this season?

Andy Wedgbury

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