Legends are Born!

On the evening of 23rd of March 2020 something happened that no angler could have ever imagined. Prime minister Boris Johnson implemented strict lockdown measures enforceable by police and imposing strict restrictions on the acceptable reasons for travel, effectively, imposing a temporary ban on angling.

Whilst many anglers grumbled and struggled in the pain of having their hobby taken away from them, Andrew Wedgbury, a PhD Researcher with the University of Worcester interested in understanding the ways in which anglers use social media to engage with their hobby made a proposal to a small group of passionate anglers.  “What if we have a competition, facilitated by social media, where we compete using images of past captures?”

Lockdown Legends was born and, a little over three weeks later, the first Lockdown Legend was recognized among his peers.





Lockdown Legends 2020
The Legends of 2020